Story 1: Couch Surfing USA

It had not quite hit me yet that I was currently flying to one of the most famous cities on earth. New York, New York. I felt like I knew it intimately from the millions of references in culture, literature and life and yet it is something so glamorised and stylised that I was totally unsure about what to expect.
In a brief Skype conversation about six months before, my little sister Sarah and I had decided to organise a road trip across the United States. I had two reasons for going, one, the trip would fall over my 21st Birthday and in my option it would be the coolest thing on earth for me to turn twenty-one in Las Vegas. And two, I had met a rather good looking American the year before, who just happened to live in New York and would put us up for a bit, and well, the rest of the two months was to have some fun!
Not to say I wasn’t apprehensive about going. My ex-boyfriend, who I left behind, was totally against the trip. As far as he was concerned, I was going to sleep my way across American, getting drunk and high along the way. What a low opinion he had of me…
It was also going to be the longest time my sister and I had spent alone together. As we have been told many a time, we are not really very alike. I am suppose to be the sensible one, but that isn’t necessarily true: it is more that I am better practiced at hiding my unsavoury actions than Sarah, who seems tells everyone everything. She’s blond, I am brunette. I know I would do anything for her and no guy should ever come between us but I had just been away for a year and in that time Sarah had grown up into someone I did not know as well as the little sister I played with growing up. We were never really best friends, our tastes in nearly everything was so different it prevented us from sharing stuff as much as other sisters may do and I do not share my secrets well. But I was really looking forward to getting to know Sarah again, this time as an adult and a friend. It was going to be interesting to see how similar but yet polar opposite we really were!
The flight over was short and uneventful and very soon we were walking in to the arrivals hall and joining the queue to meet the infamous border control of the United States. Sarah was tired and I think I was too excited and hyper to feel it yet. It was late at night but the adrenaline was pumping, I wanted to take in everything at once.
There, hanging from the wall at a 45 degree angle was a huge star spangled banner. Its stiff fabric hung, inert in the windless indoors. The immovability and permeability of it was a grand statement to the country it represents. I felt totally in ore and humbled to be allowed to enter these United States.
It was just as we were passing through customs, Sarah panicked, “I’ve got an orange in my bag,” she whispered.
I looked around in an attempt to find a hint to her distress. It showed itself in the form of large signs declaring the illegality of bringing any fresh fruit or vegetables, amongst other things, into the country. My first reaction was to start to tell he us but I realised that would not be too helpful in that situation so I processed to take the nicer route of reassuring her. By that time a guard had noticed our hesitation and distress.
“Hello ladies, can I help you?”
“I am really sorry, but I think I may have accidentally left and orange in my bag.” Sarah said, using her big mascaraed eyes to their full advantage. The guard laughed, “The electric chair is over there,” he said pointing towards the bins marked for those mistakes. Relived and only slightly put out by the different sense of humour we entered.
I craned my neck in the taxi to witness my first glimpse of the sky scrapers. It was at night so the sky line was illuminated with thousands upon thousands of lights and colours giving the sky a blitz like glow. They twinkled at me, welcoming me to the metropolis.
We climbed into the hostel bunk beds and slept off the jet lag.

This is the first part of my Story, I am currently looking for an agent/publisher, please comment if you want to read more or want to be my agent or publisher!


2 thoughts on “Story 1: Couch Surfing USA

  1. That’s kind of stories that makes you want to read more and more , narration was admirable and it made me imagine the aeroport scene .
    I look forward to read the next , keep going ^^ .


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