Writing Group 3: Dialogue argument

“An injured lion is always cruel.”
“Well of course, if it was injured by some thing or someone!”
“Do not blame me Roger! You put yourself in the situation to start with!”
“Oh I did, did I? This is my house and I can come and go as I please!”
“How was I supposed to know your meeting would be cancelled and you were coming home to surprise me?”
“Surprise, surprise, I was the one who got the bloody surprise walking in on you!”
“You should have knocked.”
“What, and given you a warning, it’s not a surprise then. But no you had to have a little surprise waiting for me, you little, you little…!”
“Roger, please do not call me that, it is not how it looked.”
“Caroline, how could it be anything but how it looked?”
“Because it is different you know, I am not like that, common Roger, it is me, you little Carry. Do you really think I would do anything to hurt you?”
“I do not know what you are capable of anymore.”
“I promise, I promise, it will never happen again, ever!”
“I do no think I can trust you anymore, not after this.”
“Is it really all that bad, really?”
“All that bad, all that bad?! As a noble prize winning author, I come home to find my wife reading 50 Shades of Grey, nothing could be worse!”


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