Writing Group 10: Comparison

Someone asked me the other day what I missed most about home when I am travelling. I had to think hard about that question. Family and friends, yes, but due to technology you can be in contact with anyone, almost anywhere in the world at any time now.
I thought again.
I came to the conclusion that the only thing that can not be replaced is food. Don’t get me wrong, I love sampling a countries local dish, the naturally steamed lamb of New Zealand, alligator sandwiches in New Orleans and the perfect butter croissant of Paris. But there is only one place in the world you can buy a thick chunk of deliciously creamy Lancashire crumbly cheese, accompanied by a slice of dark, heavy, comforting, homemade Parkin, to eat now please .
This special place is under a red and white canopy on a small high street, somewhere in the North West of England, and sometimes, when it is cold outside and I am a little bit lonely, I would give all the tea of China for that little taste of home.


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