Story 1 : Couch Surfing USA, Part 3

There were various nationalities in the hostel common area that evening. I was given a “Bud” by a very blond French Canadian guy.

He looked surprisingly sun burnt. I could not work out whether he was good looking or not. After another couple of beers I decided to join in on the evenings activity of an over 19’s club, Pache. I presume it was chosen for the fact it let in people under twenty-one, therefore appealing to the international travellers, not for the atmosphere. Sarah was tired from the days walking so I left her to sleep as I spruced myself up a bit and set off, chatting to the Czech girl who was leading us. It was a subway ride and then quite a walk to get to the club. The nice ballet pumps I had bought for going out occasions were painfully rubbing my feet and my legs were already tired from the many miles that day. I was really hoping it was worth the effort. It wasn’t.
The club was rubbish. There were about three stages of entry and ID to get though and when we got in, we all realised our mistake. At 23:00, it was empty, just a couple of middle aged guys self consciously moving to the unrecognisable and boring music. It was five dollars for some water. We all stood there in a huddle, unable, even with the slight tipsiness and camaraderie of the group, to attempt to dance or look like we were having fun. After a quarter of an hour, it was a unanimous decision: to get out of there. But they wouldn’t let us. At each exit we got to the way was barred by a huge guy all in black who just silently pointed to the next, where his twin stood, arms folded, blocking the way. We oscillated round the club being turned away at each door until it got too much and we demanded to be let out. After much grumbling and calls on his walky-talky the bouncer finally relented and we were free. We cheered as the cold, fresh air hit us.
A lady was waiting outside asking for feedback, clipboard in hand, pen ready.
“How come you’re leaving so early guys?”
“I am sorry, but to be honest, it was really s***.”
They need feedback right?
She offered to give us a refund but we pointed out we got in for free.
Back on the subway; didn’t get murdered.

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