Writing Group 17 : Round Robin

Dear all;
I can not believe it has been a year since I last wrote, it has positively flown by! And what a year it has been!

We are happy to announce new addition to the family, no, not a baby, Sheila’s a bit past it for that now, but the lovely Mr Barker, Jack Russell puppy, and what a ball of fun he is! Even the neighbours adore him, Percy, next door keeps joking he will shoot him in the head if he gets into the garden again. We love our jokes together.
And the children, James has been crowned vice captain of the schools under 18 B team, squash squad. It was a happy day to watch him represent his school like that. I still hold by what I said that day, the other schools were a load of old cheats, unfairly winning like that.
And the other one, Lucy, has started her year at Manchester Uni, Mathematics I think, it was a bit of a hairy time over the summer, we did not know if she had got the grades, but she scraped in, finally. If only there was a degree of being surly, she would get flying colours! She is single again as her five, and counting, boyfriends of the past year all seemed to have seen the error of their ways rather quickly!
When we are not supporting James, Sheila and I are enjoying our time at the local Brassiere just opened up in town. The owners are foreign, I say Spanish, Sheila thinks Portuguese, but they are lovely and have even started stocking that German wine I like.
My work at the supermarket is going well, they call me the cheese isle king and Sheila’s little hobby get us a little extra pocket money, who would know that writing for Good Housekeeping makes you money?! I thought they would just pay you with cakes or something.
Finally our summer holiday this year was Lanzarote , what a lovely place. I haven’t got much time to tell you about it but you can see from the photo attached, we spent most of out time on the beech!
So that concludes this years Jones family summery. I hope you are all well and it would be lovely to hear from any of you before I write it again next year!


The Jones


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