Writing group 23: I am not a hippy but….I still love the environment

How do you justify smoking?

There is absolutely no way you can.
I just do not understand how killings yourself and other people around you, let alone your own planet is in anyway a good thing.
How can you justify using water, land and nutritious soil to grown a product that you cannot eat, nor feed animals with, a product that is solely for the use of a slow suicide. How is that helping the world food shortage?
And weed, the plant adopted by the environmentally friendly, seems to me to be worse. Not only are you using the natural resources to grow it, once you have smoked it, you suddenly want to eat more, therefore increasing the problem.
It cigarettes were invented today, they would never be aloud.


2 thoughts on “Writing group 23: I am not a hippy but….I still love the environment

  1. It’s complicated, I mean there is some people who enjoy smoking even if they know it’s a slow suicide.
    A wise man once said ” Find what you love and let it kill you “, but also we must not forget the benefits, you can’t survive a stressful life without smoking from time to time.
    To conclude, I think there is better alternative with less harmful side effects but it’s an easy way to forget / focus.


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