Writing Group 24: On top

I have come to the conclusion that hats should be banned in schools.

I know that is a really big statement and you may ask, what has the humble hat done wrong? Well here’s the thing, first of all I am not against hats for religious or warmth keeping reasons, but a girl in a play ground wearing a fashionably placed yet useless trilby hat is instantly and always a target. Within seconds the hat will be stolen off her head, snatched and before anyone has time to react or turn, the hat will be half way across the playground, forced un-ceremonially onto the head of a random boy, his friends chasing, laughing, trying to get the coveted item for themselves because that hat is the crown of the game, the wearer the king of the play.
Then the girl will give chase whilst trying to seem angry (but I am sure secretly enjoying the attention.)
Inevitably someone will fall onto the hard concrete, blood and tears will follow.
This process will repeat itself until the hat is confiscated, the looks of disappointment and pleading following the confiscator around until the end of play. Maybe someone bold will try and steal it back, to regain the fun, but they will be punished.
Really, does anyone wear a trilby for its use as a hat, or just to draw attention to the wearer?


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