Writing group 29: A death in the family

“He couldn’t have died at a worse time.”

“It is a fact of life, death, I mean, she’s gong to have to face it.”
“But now, right before the start?”
“Come now, we couldn’t have done anything to prevent it, we didn’t know it was going to happen, it just did.”
“It is just so unfair, poor Sophie”
“For goodness sake woman, stop being so damn sensitive!”
“Alan! You did not see her last night, when she found him, sobbing over his body, have you really no heart?!”
“You are going to want a funeral next aren’t you?”
“If that is what Sophie wants, then yes, we shall have a funeral.”
“Oh well, call the vicar then, see if he is free tomorrow.”
“Stop being ridiculous, it would help if you took this a little more seriously, Sophie is taking a huge step on Monday and now she has this death hanging over her head.”
“She will have forgotten all about it by then, I know I will have had.”
“There is just no getting through to you is there.”
“Shelia, our daughters hamster died the week before school starts, it is not the bloody Armageddon!”


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