Writing Group 30: Poem

Dear Mr Farage

That I’m waiting my precious time writing to your ugly mug
But there is something I need to say

First of all, I’d like to say
Don’t be overly smugSomething of vital importance:
I am not voting for you
Yes it’s true
I won’t be following the masses
And here’s the reason for my decision
As I am sure you want to know
I like my life in Europe
It is really easy
I have this amazing privilege
This brilliant opportunity
That I can go where on earth I please
In our great continent
And live in peace
But that’s not what you want
Oh no!
You would like it if
I came home to the dull grey skies
Forced by some politician
I think you are jealous
That’s what
You know you can’t have my life in Provence
My apartment near the sea
The sun here is warm, like the hearts of the people
Something you won’t understand
So Mr Farage
What I am telling is this:
Sod it I’m voting greens!


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