Writing Group 36: Poem


I seem to take it too seriously,

My work, I mean,

I like to follow the prosedure,

To do the right thing.

My forms are filled,

My students have learned.

I am ontime.

I follow the plan.

But now thats wrong,

I have been told

thats not the way to do it.

Be cool, relaxed, not so strict.

or worried about the all that.

You are not suppost to follow the plans!

No one told me that…

So that’s it then,

I am boring.

No one has fun?

But I thought we did!

Smile and laugh and joke!

But no, it dosn’t seem the case.

The complaints hurt.

I am worried now, to show my face.

Am I Miss Hanagan?

What should I do?

The right way or the good way?

What the managers want, or the puples?

Follow my integraty or my friends.

I don’t know.


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