Writing group 40 : Fear

Every night I count my blessing and the one I am really grateful for is this:

I know some people in the world can’t sleep peacefully for a fear of many things : bombs falling, fires raging, floods and earthquakes, angry spouses or parents, criminals or the law, all these things to jolt you awake in the night, heart beating fast, cold sweets, fear.
I am lucky; I don’t have it worry about those dangers.
For me, the scariest thing to ever hear at night is that whine… The terrifying high pitched, one tone drone of the blood sucking beast of a mosquito. The fear I feel on hot, sweaty nights, lying almost naked in bed, realising I have forgotten the insect repellant. I dive under the covers it is too hot for and hide, terrified that the last bit of exposed skin, my nose, is not safe from the terrible feeling of a slight prick and three days of red, itchy hell. I thank my stars every night it is just a mosquito.


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