Journalisme: Micro Living

It is rare I get annoyed by an article on the BBC website, but at the moment it seems to be becoming a trend. Well, a trend, there has been two.

“Micro living”

There seems no specific definition to the concept but it is generally agreed to be a living space of no more than about 35m squared, this does not have to include a kitchen, balcony, or another outdoor space.

The main reasons for people to adopt this style of living is of course the cheaper price that comes with less surface area, but also the aces s it gives often to city centers, being close to the conveniences.

But these facts are not the reason I am annoyed. It is the pompous way in which this style of living has been portrayed. Now I know this is a webpage specifically for professionals and often focuses on lucky few who have that little bit more disposable income, but I cannot be the only person reading it that is not yet in that mythical situation, but still want to keep up to date with the business world.

So when they quote “Micro-flat” at 23square meters. My heart sinks a little. In Paris (where I have until recently been renting) , that is not a micro flat, it is a flat. A self-contained, perfectly acceptable size for two people, flat. I feel insulted. Like London, Paris is expensive to live in, and to be able to afford that apartment was a great achievement for me.

Skip on 6 months and I am now living in a different city and have upgraded to a 36square meters. apartment. But wait, this is still “Micro” Even though I have 3 separate rooms and a balcony, it would still fall into the quirky little category.

I would hate to think some rich person reading this, thinks that small living is somehow glamorous. It isn’t great. When sleeping and working patterns do not coincide, I spend my time creeping around my sleeping partner, or kept awake by the kitchen light. But we are close together and I like that. It is not a game to play, before going back to real life. This is real life.

So thanks, BBC, for making my achievements feel undervalued, that my style of living is that of choice, not necessary. It may be “Micro” living for some, but for many people, it is just called living, and we are lucky to have it.


2 thoughts on “Journalisme: Micro Living

  1. “Living in a tiny house often means building one.” Wow, suddenly the wealth gap between myself and what I imagined to be lower-middle income journalists feels so very wide…


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