Writing Group 54: The Heat

The heat was almost unbearable; it sucked the life out of everything and everyone. As the two o’clock sun beat down on the sweltering city, the roads were empty of cars; any people left out walking were hugging the side of the buildings in the thin shaded strip on one side of the road.

A brave person skittered out and crossed the melting tarmac; they were heading for one of the few guaranteed places of respite from the heat. A supermarket. As the doors slid open to welcome the weary traveler, the dry, ice cold air filtered out onto the street, causing passers by to pause and enjoy this rare luxury.

Inside it hummed and wired. Scantily clad customers shivered under vests and shorts, the air tasted strange, like an aircraft after many hours flight, unnatural.

At the door stood the security guard, lazily watching the toing and froing. He knew his job; he knew he would have to stand in this strange semi winter all day. He was wearing a thick grey fleese as the temprture outside hit the mid 30’s.


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