Writing Group 56: Fireworks

The fireworks exploded over head, silver and gold stars rained down after the whoosh and bang. I watched, loving it! I thought about the colours of the sparkles, what chemicals were mixed to make such a display. I listened to the time delay between the explosion and hearing the sound. I imagined the programing needed to ensure the timed release. I calculated the money it all cost. But I still loved watching.
When it was all over I turned back to my group of friends. One of them was in tears, her cheek

s shinny in the dark.
“Are you ok?” I asked concerned, there was a lot of smoke now and it could be quite possible she had got something in her eye.
“Yes yes, I am just a bit emotional. I was thinking about all the people I had lost in my life, I have lost a lot and how they would be looking at these fireworks from above and I am down here and I was just remembering…” She trailed off and wiped her eyes. “Don’t worry about me.” She said with a smile. “So what were you thinking?”
I did not want to say.


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