Writing Group 57: She was very bad (part 2)

Not wanting to stare, she casually glanced down at his feet first and smiled, they were as imagined, scuffed brown leather, worn and loved.

But she had been slightly wrong about the clothes, in stead of a suit, he wore dark Levis jeans and she could see the scrumped blue shirt. Still trying to make it look like she was not looking, she risked a glance up to catch a look at the face.
Instantly her heart started beating faster, there was no mistake, her neighbour was gorgeous. She could almost feel the full, soft lips touch hers, the stubble of his strong chin graze hers as she runs her hand through the thick, dark, shinny hair that flopped, sexily over his ears.
She let out an involuntary sign that she quickly turned in to a cough. To hide her embarrassment, she lent down to rummage in her bag at her feet for her book.
“Bonjour, or is it hello?” Said the deep voice next to her. “I hope I did not wake you?” She looked up and meet the dark eyes looking at her, a half smile playing across his lips.
“No, no, not at all.” She stuttered. Then gathering her courage, she straighten up and with her best smile, introduced herself.

To read part one go to: https://hsquarmby.wordpress.com/2014/11/08/writing-group-11-she-was-very-bad/


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