Comment 1: Why are women’s magazines so contradictory?

7 sexual grilled cheese recipes we NEED in our life. With side bar link to:

What to eat today to feel AMAZING tomorrow, no gluten or dairy. More on the same topic with:

The 5 myths about bread you need to stop believing
The truth is, it’s an essential part of any healthy diet.
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15 genius ways you can use cauliflower instead of carbs. Lets finish the feast:

13 filthy carb-on-carb recipes you need to try. Need I carry on…

I found all these articles within one click of each other on the web sight of a well known woman’s magazine. It begs the question, why are woman’s magazines so contradictory? It is clear that our thirst for easy to read, non taxing articles means that we are clearly not thinking about or processing very much what we read. Not that following any advice in a women’s magazine is an especially wise idea, if I were to do as these articles say, I would have more of an eating problem than many of the professional nutritionist they quote would ever think possible. And it is not just about food, lets have a look beauty products, another commonly reported on.

In the same articles it gives the advice mimic the salty ocean mist with this DIY spray and directly underneath how to prevent damage to hair from salt water…

OR what about the picture gallery of 114 celebrates without makeup and not giving a damn, surrounded by 10’s of articles on makeup tutorials, new make up launches, comparing brands, celebrity tips, on and on about ways to hide any woman’s natural beauty .

Articles celebrating fat naked people next to the best tips to loose weight and air brushed celebrities in bikinis.

Have we all lost all respect for ourselves as women that we accept to read all this rubbish? I read these magazines as a way to unwind after a day at work but I find myself clicking less and less on the articles, finally selecting the ones reporting the news because sometimes it is interesting to read a very bias view of the world.


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