Writing Group 61: Oakwood (Part 2)

She switched on the radio for company and cooked a dinner for one.
The night closed in and she lay in bed on her own, suddenly alone and scared. A wave of hormones came over her and she let herself dissolve in to tears. She was alone in this new and frightening place. Her new job stared the next day and she felt the frightening realisation she was an finally an adult.

She finally switched the radio off after the 11 o’clock news and fell into an uncomfortable sleep.
It was about 4 o’clock that morning when the screams woke her up. She was dreaming about the hospital, the real hospital she would start work at the next morning. She was running down corridors and corridors, trying to find the source of the screams but she could not find them and then she pushed through a door when she woke with a start, her arms out in front of her, pushing and from outside she could hear the terrible screams.
Terrified she hugged the duvet around her and switched on the light. The sound had stopped and it was her heart beat now that was deafening. She had to look, wrapping her duvet protectively around her, she shuffled over to the window and opened the curtains just a crack to peep outside. The moon was high and the light cast eerie shadows over the lawn. A fox sat there in the centre, looking out over the carpark and beyond. It opened its mouth and screamed again. It held it for a moment or two before standing up and trotting off out of sight.
Robyn sank back to her bed, relived and fell swiftly back to sleep.
The next day was a blur of new faces, paper work and the usual first day admin that comes with any new job.
It was seven in the evening when she tiredly rolled in on her bike to the sheds and locked up. They were still renovating the far end of the hall, the scaffolding obscuring most of the view but there was quite a crowd gathered outside the last wing when Robyn rounded the corner back to her apartment. A police car and unmarked, anonymous looking black van were parked on the grass. Tired but curious, Robyn walked over and spotted June. Thinking June would be the first person to know anything, she headed towards her. For a crowd, it was very quiet and when Robyn got close enough, she was greeted in a whisper.
“ What’s happening?” She asked.
“They found another body.” Came the reply.
“Another body?!”
“Yes, they still find them occasionally in the old cells, long dead of course, but still very sad.” She said with a slight smile on her face.
Robyn edged away and tried to pear over the heads of the others. Just then a door opened under the scaffolding and two men in black suits awkwardly walked out, carrying the first part of a stretcher, flowing them at the other end where two more men and a police officer bringing up the rear. On the stretcher was a black bag. It did not take a genius to work out what was in it.
The abnormal thing was the way the body was positioned, sitting up, liked it had died in a chair and had never moved.


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