Writing Group 69: Poem


I wish I was rich enough
To announce to the world
That I was going minimal

I wish I could say
I am done with things
I am not buying anything

And smugly card me
Abundance of books
Off in the boot of my car

Sort thought the clothes
And donate them all kindly
Off to the charity shop

Tell my friends no to presents
And gifts, I am having
A consumer free Christmas

Live in my mansion of
Cold bear, white
Telling everyone who comes

I just feel so free now
Without all my stuff
It’s done wonders for my health

I don’t have to worry
Or panic or think
I can just live my life

I wish I was rich enough
To own all that stiff
In the first place

But I am not
My room is minimal and bear
I can’t afford furniture

My wardrobe consist of
A few chosen items
I can’t afford to buy more

I envy the people who collect
All that stuff in the first place
Because I can’t


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