Writing Group 70: The argument

It was dark by the time I had finished work. I said good night and left the building, walking round the back where my bike was chained up.
In the corner next to an open door, a couple stood, they were arguing, the light spilling out from behind them meant that I could not make out their faces, but the body language and tones of voices were unmistakable.
I kept my head down, heading for my bike; I did not want to be caught in a domestic.
Their voices rose as I unchained, I could not help but glance over and to my horror I saw the man grab the woman by the throat and push her against the wall. Her eyes were wide in terror.
I could not stand there and just watch. I started to walk over, debating whether to call for help, or just try and calm him down.
The man pulled a book out of his back pocket and I thought was about to strike the woman across the face, I breathed in to scream, and they broke apart.
The scene dissolved as they looked in the little book as to which lines were next.


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