Writing group 71: My street

My street is an outside toilet and I don’t know what to do. The putrid smell wafts up each morning as the sun warms the concrete. The rare rainfall does little to wash away the matter and neither do the sporadic street cleaners. So it just sits there, until a car runs it over, or a poor human doesn’t look where they are going. Then is is smeared and spread down the road. One wall is a special a target for urine, you can see it run down to the street. But the weird thing is, I have never seen the perpetrator. I hope it is a dog, but you never know. I just wish it would stop. It really brings the neighbour hood down.


2 thoughts on “Writing group 71: My street

  1. They’ve installed sloped metal things on a street in our town that repel water so you can’t pee on them without getting pee on your shoes! Call the city council and complain? That’s what I did for our street… perhaps a small act but just maybe it’ll do something!!


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