Comment 2: Should we pay to enter writing competitions?

In your option, writers of the world: should we pay to enter writing competitions?
There are thousands of competitions out there for aspiring writers, online, in magazines and books. Prizes ranging from hard cash, to just the chance to be read by someone else. Many are free to enter, but many, you have to pay for. Is this right? Are the competitions which ask for a reading fee any better, more prestigious, than the free ones? Has any one ever entered a paid for competition? I have not, I must admit. My goal is to make money from writing, rather than loose it!
I do not really have the time or the resources to compile some statistics about this, but if anyone has had any personal experience, or even better runs a writing competition, please leave you comment.
I know, ultimately, it is your writing that determines the out come, not the competition, but it would be interesting to know.


2 thoughts on “Comment 2: Should we pay to enter writing competitions?

  1. I agree, there are so many opportunities out there for being published for free or for money, I’d be interested to know if there is any justification for paying to enter a competition, apart from adding a prestigious journal name to your portfolio!
    On the other hand, I don’t think so-called ‘vanity’ publishing projects, where you pay to publish your own book, should necessarily be frowned upon. Sometimes it creates interesting alternative projects, ‘art brut’-like writing, and lower-cost publications with more profits to the author. I’m not saying we should do away with publishers, I think they do a great job, but the more people can put their own voices out there without mediation the better it is for everyone 🙂

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