Writing Group 73: The future (Art)

I think the future has come too quickly.
I went round to a house the other day, which had been given a hover board for Christmas. I had not seen one in real life before and was surprised when I saw; they did exactly what they said. The girl glided up to me, with a slight humm. She was tall on the board, it was strangely alien. Do you want a drink, she asked. Water please. She leaned forwards and as if by some strange momentum arrived at the cupboard. I wanted to ask, but didn’t dare, how do you not fall off ? But she had moved off, the board humming over the wooden floors. I was trying to work out, where does it get its power? Do you have to recharge it? How long does it last? It seems such a monumental waist of electrical energy so that people do not have to make the effort to walk in their own homes. Obesity problem, I see your plan. Global warming, you must be laughing…

Thank you to http://lubuxtreme.deviantart.com/ for the artwork


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