Writing Group 72: Poem (Art)

The magical smell

I got a new book for Christmas
It was a present from a friend
I was surprise how well they had chosen
The story for me.
The cover was sleek and silver
The spine yet unbent.
I scrutinised the cover
Then turned to read the back,
Have you heard of it?
My friend asked
No, I replied, I don’t think I have
But it looks really interesting.
I thought you might like the genre
He said with a smile
Smug smile
I opened it up and that’s when it hit me
That magical smell of a brand new book
Of pages unturned
Of adventures unread
The expectation
I breathed in deep, inhaling the smell
Thanks I said, really, thank you.

Thank you to http://lubuxtreme.deviantart.com/ for the artwork


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