Comment 3: Why are women’s Magazines so contradictory again?

“Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.”
Henry David Thoreau

This quote comes to me every time I read one of those articles, you know like:
10 Weird ’90s Fashion Trends We All Wore
Followed by:
Autumn/Winter 2016 fashion trends from London Fashion Week
Next season’s fashion trends you NEED to know about

But wasn’t the first article once in place of the second? Wasn’t there another one behind it, jumping back another 10 years?
Do the writers not see the pattern emerging with:
The 35 Worst Fashion Fails in Oscars History
This is the stuff viral memes are made of.

The strangest catwalk looks from Fashion Month so far
See some of the most weird and wonderful catwalk styles to hit London, New York and Milan Fashion Week…

What were they thinking?!

And then we start to think about selfies. You know, taking a photo of yourself wearing this week’s style, today’s makeup, the hair style of the month, being totally on trend. Until next time. And then, in a couple of years later, will you look back and think, OMG what was I thinking, did I really wear that? Why?! DELETE! Whilst wearing this week’s style, today’s make up, the hair style of the month. Because this time, it is cool, right, it is fashion. And then what is the point of it all, if you are so mortally embarrassed to admit you wore that past trend, the picture needs to be deleted. What is the point of this new one? Won’t is be the same? Will we never break from this endless cycle of plain weird clothes? Seriously, who is going to look back and think flatforms were beautiful?


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