Writing group 78: 9 Things I have learnt since going sober.

    1. I still do stupid things… And then remember them in the morning…. That atmosphere must just wear off on to me.

  1. It is (normally) cheaper, unless you just meet a friend for a glass after work and then a juice works out more expensive than a wine and it is just nor fair.
  2. You still wake up feeling terrible after a late night, loud music and passive smoking, but then you have a shower and breakfast and get on with your day.
  3. It is a big deal when you first have to say it at a party and then people forget and you get on with having fun.
  4. Vegans are surprisingly supportive, I suppose they have ti spend a lot of time explaining their choices to people as well.
  5. You start making up random reasons why you quit drinking, just to confuse people.
  6. You feel a little stupid asking for water at the bar every time but there is only so many Oranginas one can drink.
  7. People tell you things and whilst they forget, you remember, everything….
  8. You still have lots of fun! I know who my friends are and I do not need alcohol to have a great time with them!



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