Writing Group 79: She was very bad (Part 3)

“I’m Annabelle, please to meet you.” As she turned slightly in order to shake his hand.
He was clearly amused by the formal British greeting, but he took her hand and held it softly for a moment, “Edmund.” He replied, the French accent sensualising every sound.
“So, Annabelle, that is a beautiful name if you don’t mind me saying, are you going home back to London?”
Annabelle blushed but tried to remain composed. “No actually, I live in Paris, I just have to go to London for a meeting. What about you?”
“A meeting, that sounds mysterious. I am also just visiting London, an old friend lives there.”
“Cool.” Said Annabelle. She could feel herself shaking and hoped it did not show, she felt overwhelmed with desire for this man. She was so aware of his presence next to her, the warmth of his body.
The train set off.
“Please, tell me more about your meeting?”
“I work as a business consultant and I am meeting with my business partner in London. Somethings are better to be done in person.”


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