Writing group 83: Why are you so mean?

Writing an essay, confused with a word, I went to look online. I try, I should, know all the words but sometimes, I just want to be sure, you kno, not to make a stupid mistake. 

I mean, do chemists know all the numbers to all the elements on the periodic table? I don’t have a friendly chemist to ask.

Do singers know all the words to all their songs. Not if they didn’t write them they don’t.

So I found a forum and read the first answer.

It answered my question clearly and consisly. But this is a forum, this is the internet, people lie. So I scrolled down, second answer, much the same, third answer: troll.

“That is a stupid question, everyone knows that, do yourself a favour and get a dictionary.”

As I read the words, I felt my heart sink. I know they are not written for me exaculty, but I felt as if they had been said direct to my face.

I wanted to cry.

Why are you being so horrible to me?

What have I dont?

All I wanted was to check a word. I am not perfect, are you?

It was such a useless comment, why did you write it?

What did you gain from being so nasty to me?

I wanted to write back, to explain exactly why it was inappropriate. Why if you have not got anything nice to say to a stranger, you should say nothing at all.

The comment was written in 2010. I think it is a little past the time to write back.

Later on, pages after, confused with a word, I reached for the internet and changed my mind. A dictionary had never been known to be horrible to it’s user.





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