Writing Group 84: Poem


I was so embarrassed
I couldn’t believe it
I got caught taking a selfie

I though I was safe
away from prying eyes
when I held my camera at arms length
and pouted

And then I saw
A casual observer
looking on

I couldn’t believe it

I hate selfies
Detest the idea
A narcissistic, time wasting activity

I can never understand why you would spend
hours a day on that pose
for one picture
a couple of likes
Soon to be consigned
to the internet history
Before being deleted
after OMG what was a I thinking?!

Look at the view, not yourself

But the disease had got hold of me
My make up was done, dark eyes, red lips
My hair teased up coiffed and sprayed
My dress a perfect fit

So I had to, just had to, take the photo
to remember you see
what I looked like

But when I saw my audience
I put down my camera
Went in search of a drink

On the way to the kitchen
I passed a Vampire
in deep conversation
with a mouse

‘Wow, scary witch!’ said a Mummy
as I turned the corner
‘Thanks!’ I said
‘Happy Halloween!’


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