Writing Group 88: scrabble

Has anyone ever listened/watched Little Britain. I have, a couple of times. I remember the catch phases quiet well. I remember one particular episode where the hypnotic guy, you know “look in to my eyes, not around my eyes, your under” well he was playing scrabble, maybe with his Grandmother. He only had terrible letters left, XZYQUW, something like that, and Kenny thinks, ok I am never going to win with this unless…. So he puts the letters down on the board and hypnotises his Grandmother into thinking that, yes xzyquw is a word, it means biscuit. So she says well done for winning, would you like a cup of tea and a xzyquw ? Is a chocolate xzyquw ok or do you prefer a plain xzyquw ? Poor Kenny gets so annoyed, he has to hypnotise her back and lose the game.

I gave the student the wrong word during the lesson today. They spent the rest of the lesson using it in the wrong place but I couldn’t own up. I hope they never have to really ask for a biscuit.


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