Marseille’s best tea shops, in my opinion

Marseille’s best tea shops

Tea may not be the first thing you think to drink when visiting the city which is famous for its Pastis, but if you want a good non alcoholic alternative, tea in Marseille is a very good replacement.

With its huge North African population, there are many places where you can drink the green tea with mint, sometimes for as cheap at two Euros. This sweet amber liquid is served in glasses, etched with gold and often with a sprig of mint. Any place in Noaille and if the weather is hot sit outside in the tree shaded square of Rue Halle Delacroix and watch the comings and goings of the famous food market.

Because in the summer Marseille gets hot, so very hot, you feel like you are in a desert, and that is just how Teavora would like you to feel, though a very conformable desert. Take your shoes off as you enter the tea shop and find yourself stepping into a desert tent, complete with sand on the floor and rugs to sit on. There is a huge selection of teas, smoothies and snacks and the place is open until after midnight.

If you like sitting on the floor, you can also try Si Par Azar,  the Egyptian tea shop in Cours Julian. Again the selection of teas here is impressive, with tasty pastries and cakes to accompany. Sit down, relax as the incense burns. It is easy to spend a whole afternoon here, playing the board games lying around, chatting with friends or just reading.

Tea and books are two of my favorite things, which is why I also love Cup of Tea  on the edge of the Panier, the old quarter. Full off interesting books and tea, it’s a great place to sit in or outside. The tea flavours very unusual, even with names like earth, really does taste a bit earthy.

Finally, if it the view you want, head up to the top of the hill and be served tea by the nuns in the café of the Basilique Norte Dame de la Garde.  The whole of the city is below you, all the way to the mountains on one side and the sea on the other.


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