Celebrity wife swap: an analysis.

Celebrity wife swap, OK, I will watch one where I have heard of the celebrity…

Never watched a celebrity wife swap…

The civilian episodes are better anyway. The celebrities are used to having the camera on them, they know how to act, what to say, but the normal people haven’t got the experience, are more likely to mess up.

I watch the American versions of course. You just don’t get the extremities in the UK. In the states, people go all out. Yes, it is scripted and fake but you can always see just behind the camera, to see what is really happening.

The format is normally the same. A very strict family swapped really laid back one. One family that is so main stream change with one who are pirates, or goths, or witches, or something like that. One where the kids run wild and another where the word boot camp in used on a regular basis. One very religious, the other not scoffs at religion.

There is always the kid saying their parent is too controlling/doesn’t spend enough time with them. A spouse saying how much the other one does in the house/never does anything.

It is a great way to see how others live.

You really do have to feel sorry for the children in all these. I often wonder how if effects them after it is all over. How are they treated at school, do they really realise what was going on? How are they in the future.

I always skip the bit just before the end, the meeting across the table, it is scripted and fake, they have a fight, make up cry and then huge. It is how they have changed is the most interesting part, a couple of weeks later. It is always nice to see some of the kids getting more freedom/getting told to do their homework.

It is the ones that do not change that are the interesting ones though. I think my favourite was about a couple who lived in Florida and organised parties for a living. Their children were teenagers and very happy with their laid back life, it did not seem to have a negative effect on them at all, they still went to school, did their homework, but had the quality of life most people can only dream of. Que the strict parent arrives. But in the end, they could not bring in anything else. The Florida family had it sorted and really shouldn’t and didn’t change a thing about their amazing life. The other family came across as jealous and that was it.

The saddest one was were the controlling parents got even more controlling after, almost as if to punish their children for the negative things they said about them. I would love to know what happened to their kids in the future, how long it took them to go off the wall.

I know it is kind of sexist, the whole “wife” thing. Of course, I would never do it, go on the programme, but it makes you think a little bit more about your own life. Well, that is how I justify watching anyway.


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