HS Quarmby Teach


Experienced, qualified, native English speaking female teacher, offering tailor made English lessons for both adults and children.

Please contact me for more information.



Expérimentée et qualifiée, je suis enseignante native d’Angleterre, offrant des cours d’anglais pour les adultes et pour les enfants.

Merci de me contacter pour plus d’informations.

20e / h



7 thoughts on “HS Quarmby Teach

  1. My English lessons with Hannah were enjoyable and efficient. She has always been punctual, organised.
    I also appreciated her kindness and true british humour ;).


  2. I took English lessons with Hannah in Paris for 16 months and I always appreciated her punctuality, open-mindedness and British spirit.
    Her teaching skills are numerous and she is very flexible concerning the way the lessons are structured. My expectations and needs were her priorities. Over time, I have significantly improved my listening and oral skills in English. Professionally speaking, it was very helpful for me.
    Thanks again Hannah for these nice lessons and for your patience!


  3. Excellent teacher for children. Structured and efficient courses with no time lost, full of interesting activities as songs, games, yoga exercises, readings and short presentations. Despite the fact our children have different ages and personalities, Hannah found always the right way how to make advance each of them. Nice, accurate, patient and open-minded person. We miss her.


  4. I met Hannah by chance, on the internet and it was a good find….
    She helps me professionally and quickly she is teaching all the family.
    Each time it’s a great exchange, the lessons aren’t conventional, she brings English culture, we share cups of tea and recipes.
    We are happy to have her.


  5. Hannah is not only a good teacher, she is also a pleasant person who lets you discover the whole british culture. She is always right on time and professional. Thanks to her i am more confident in speaking english


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