All about HS Quarmby

Here is a selection of original writing, mainly done in the writing group I joint run or in any of my few spare minutes. I have also put links to my published work at and the Drabble.

My ambition is to become a professional writer, I love writing and always have done! Before laptops, I inherited my Great Grandmothers typewriter and clattered away on that, I really should have a look for those stories next time I am home.

I have one completed novel, Couch Surfing USA, which you can read the start of here, still looking for agent and publisher if anyone’s interested? Give me a shout (no spam please)

I always keep a notebook with me to document any ideas and I take a diary on my adventures. If you have any ideas or want me to expand on something I wrote, please leave a comment!

Happy Reading!



5 thoughts on “All about HS Quarmby

  1. Hi,
    I liked the line in your recent story on Drabble, the one about the shadows being defeated. I honestly have been thinking about it every day. May I quote you in a future blog post?
    Jennifer Moore


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