Writing group 90: En Français

Je suis au somment du montage, le sommet du monde, les Alpes m’entourent, une couverture de neige blanche. Continue reading


Writing Group 89: A secret project…

At the start of each lesson, I have to ask, why are you learning English?

The predictable answers are: For my work, to travel, for my education. But sometimes, someone throws in something unexpected…  For a secret project my partner and I are working on… Continue reading

Writing Group 88: scrabble

Has anyone ever listened/watched Little Britain. I have, a couple of times. I remember the catch phases quiet well. I remember one particular episode where the hypnotic guy, you know “look in to my eyes, not around my eyes, your under” well he was playing scrabble, maybe with his Grandmother. He only had terrible letters left, XZYQUW, something like that, Continue reading