Writing Group 89: A secret project…

At the start of each lesson, I have to ask, why are you learning English?

The predictable answers are: For my work, to travel, for my education. But sometimes, someone throws in something unexpected…  For a secret project my partner and I are working on… Continue reading


My studies: Tea in the context of globalisation

It seems to me that almost everything I encounter is connected to globalisation. Like the fact I live in a different country whilst studying with a UK university. This it self leads to other examples, the computer I work on was not made in the country I bought it in, the case studies and writings I read were also written around the globe and tea I drink whilst studying was not grown here either, though far from a luxury import, it is a cheap, near necessity for the smooth running of the English brain, as we have become so use to the soothing qualities of this intoxicating brown liquid.  Continue reading