Should we intervene? Analysing the question of Humanitarian Intervention by the West in the Global South.

Date: 23rd January 2017


This report has been commissioned by a fictional NGO to assess how far humanitarian intervention reflects Western domination of the international system.This report will discuss the history, merits and weaknesses of western intervention in the global south and some recommendations so that the NGO can frame its position.

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Is the international system is becoming more even or more uneven?

This essay will discuss whether the international system is becoming more even or more uneven by looking at the political character of states and the spread of networks.  I will first look at the political character of states and how they have developed over time and what they are now. Then I will discuss the theories behind these developments. After, I will look at networks and how they are changing the face of international relations.

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My studies: Tea in the context of globalisation

It seems to me that almost everything I encounter is connected to globalisation. Like the fact I live in a different country whilst studying with a UK university. This it self leads to other examples, the computer I work on was not made in the country I bought it in, the case studies and writings I read were also written around the globe and tea I drink whilst studying was not grown here either, though far from a luxury import, it is a cheap, near necessity for the smooth running of the English brain, as we have become so use to the soothing qualities of this intoxicating brown liquid.  Continue reading